Valuing Education In Design – Thank you UCLA Architecture and Interior Design Program for “Success Story- Monique Lafia” Publication

With all of the hype and media discussing whether there is value in the cost of higher education for future employment, I beg to differ with that position for many trades and specialties.

Particularly Interior Design.

Today I am sharing my thoughts on this subject, after being honored by the UCLA – Architecture + Interior Design Program by the Program’s  Blog on 10/14/2013 entitled “Success Story: Monique Lafia” – Link:

I have received many congratulatory calls this weekend and today on the honor – and can’t minimize how great the feeling is to have your Post Graduate Institution call you out as a Success Story!  However, I am the one who is grateful to the Design Program, and I think about it every day.Architecture + Interior Design

With the fierce competition in many industries, particularly the Interior Design Industry, education and the right school  are the best way to distinguish you when seeking employment.

The UCLA Design Program is “the right School” and Program.   In my many Design travels (including recent trip to Upstate NY, and trips abroad), those interested in Design commonly knew of this great school and program.  In actuality, based on performance, I have preferred UCLA Program participants and graduates for employment and internships – because I know how thorough the Program is, and the superb qualifications of its faculty.    For me, it was a natural step to take on the tough licensing test immediately after the Design Program.

There were many occasions when I was sitting in the room with the clients alone at Hendrix Allardyce, when the Designers – Tom and Illya – went to retrieve samples or plans, and the Clients asked me about my background.  When I stated that I was a Graduate of the UCLA Design Program working towards my NCIDQ license, I could see in their faces the credibility that this education gave me (common comment was “congratulations” or “good for you”), and that they had faith in my recommendations/comments, and then kept asking me more questions on the projects!

Thank you to those at the UCLA Architecture and Interior Design Program for the honor.   To those pursuing professional design and seeking to distinguish themselves, UCLA (or other great similar schools on the East Coast if you live in that direction) is your start in a long road, along with licensing and years of practice/internship with “the Masters” such as Hendrix/Allardyce and Waldo Fernandez.    I believe that the same applies to many other true specializations / trades in other areas.

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