Salute to Luxury Design Magazines – Our First California Homes Magazine

For one of our first blog posts, we wanted to salute California Homes, which published our first Estate project, a “Cover” publication of Rob Lowe’s Estate in Montecito, CA.   We have had the honor of 4 “Cover” publications featured in California Homes.   Thank you Susan McFadden – Editor in Chief – for featuring us (copies on our website), and for the kind letter that you recently provided:
Friday, August 23, 2013 

To Whom It May Concern:

For those inquiring, this letter confirms my opinion, as editor-in-chief of California Homes Magazine, one of the premier luxury residential design magazines, publishing since 1997, of Monique Lafia and Lafia/Arvin. Monique has been one of our favorite designers at California Homes.  Our first  team effort was the publishing of Rob Lowe’s  estate residence in Montecito, California.  Published in 1997 as a cover story this was the beginning of many collaborations  with Monique and Lafia/Arvin. Monique has worked with some of the finest architects for luxury estates and second homes.  This list includes Richard Landry,  Marc Appleton and Don Nulty.  We are always very proud to  be able to show her work and that of her team architects.  As part  of our process of interviewing architects and clients for our publications together with Monique, we have  never heard a non-positive  word about how thorough and creative she is.  We consider Monique to be one of the top interior  designers in the country, and that is why we have published so any of her projects in the past and look forward to many more in the future.


Susan McFadden
California Homes

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