Incorporating Creativity of Design –w- Apple “Beethoven Symphony of Products” on Real-Time Basis

As Designers in the world of technology I find that when I wait in line at Starbucks I see people always looking down at their I-Phones or IPADS.   What happened to the time when people were engaged in their environment to stimulate the creative process and generate great new ideas?


Its curious – I wonder what’s going to happen to all of us in the future with our necks, always looking down … what if you spent  just a few minutes, put your phone down, say hello to the person that was serving you, looked at them in their eyes, and for the day looked around and saw all of the inspiration that could be incorporated into your work?

Something to think about, the concept of looking up, rather than looking down.

skylineGriffith ObervatoryPacific Palisades - Santa Monica ViewPalisades Tree Over Ocean

At the same time – let us not forget how fortunate we are in the Luxury Residential Design Community (Designers, Artisans of Textiles and Custom Furnishings, Architects, Brokers, Landscape Designers, Finishers, … on and on …) that we can, thanks to Apple, seamlessly, see an image, capture the image, and communicate a concept or idea with our Clients and Team Members, and our workers on projects on a real-time basis addressing matters instantly – real time – and incorporate or address matters before they become issues, with a fully open, easy and unrestricted communication!   Or make a movie, or presentation in IMovie and other Apple programs, that we would not have thought about doing before?

This month we enjoyed using our 6 hours of “Joint Venture” training @ Apple Santa Monica (fantastic team!), communication with Apple’s products (all seamlessly work together!) – is like a magnificent Beethoven Symphony –its truly inspiring what this great American company has brought us (the Iphone-5S, IPAD Airs, and now IPAD MINI-RETINAs are ground-breaking with the new operating systems and programs!).  At the same time, I had the Joint Venture Team run a program and analyze my Iphone’s usage, and they were shocked how much I am communicating on the marvel of IPHONE 5S (somewhat unprecedented I understand!)!

Its something to aim for – looking up, not always down – while utilizing our incredible new tools for a Beethoven Symphony of communication brought to us from Cupertino.

I hope that you too are inspired by beautiful images and inspiration as you travel, or take time off for Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


TG Turkey


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